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Frequently Asked Questions


Bay County Sports Page (Enterprise) was published from 1976-1984.

A reproduction of Bay County Sports Page (Enterprise) issues can be purchased through our online store.
Unfortunately, the purchase of individual pages is not available.

Both hard-copy paper and downloadable eBooks are presented for purchase.

eBook Issues – only $9.99

Hardcopy issues - $14.95 (includes shipping)


First and foremost, let’s remember that these Sports Page newspapers are almost 50 years old. They were professionally scanned within the last 3 years. There are minor quality issues due to the scanning and processing. However! Overall, the quality is good to very good.

The printed Sports Page issues that will be mailed to you are not actual same-size reprints of the original newspaper. Purchased issues are approximately 2/3 the size of the original newspaper. Newspapers are 65% of their original size and have been formatted to 8.5x11 size for copying and reproduction.


The newspaper’s parent company (OJ Advertising, Inc) financed the scanning of over 360 newspaper issues to create viewable INTERNET images and printable PDF documents. This tedious, costly, and demanding effort was accomplished over a 4-year time period. Many hurdles were overcome.

The scans of some 6,000 pages have been created and processed through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to produce a searchable database.

The “SEARCH” portal is available on the website.

You can search by year, and you can search by name or place. The website allows you to look at no cost, but only non-printable or non-reproducible images are displayed during the search process. The images you see on this website are low-resolution. Here's why.

The Publisher of Sports Page (O. J. Cunningham) wanted to preserve the newspaper’s sports history that was captured on its pages during its almost 10-year existence. We hope you can appreciate the effort involved and the clear and obvious need to charge for access to the historical newspapers.

We hope you enjoy our historical trip down Memory Lane.


What payment methods do you accept?
For your privacy and security, all payments are processed through PayPal. PayPal accepts major Credit and Debit cards. Checks are not accepted.

Where do you ship?
Continental United States of America

Can I change my order?
You cannot change your order. The processing is automated.

Do you offer fast shipping?
All paper (Hard Copy) is shipped via USPS. No fast shipping is available.

How long does it take to receive my order?
eBook-purchased newspapers will be available immediately after processing. Hard Copy (paper) will be shipped within 3-5 business days via United State Postal Service. Please allow 3-5 days for USPS service.

Do you accept returns?
No Returns. No Exchanges

Do you have physical stores?
Only online shopping is available