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MMCC is a software and consulting firm working in all areas of the computer industry. MMCC provides consulting, software development, training and facility management services.

MMCC has specialized in all forms of remote computing for nearly 20 years. Our senior software engineers go all the way back to teletypes! We've done the mainframe thing, mini-computers, PC's and laptops. We've done data collection, remote support, BBS's, answering systems and even political polling! We once lived on CompuServe and now our kids live in AOL chat rooms. We've roamed the information super highway since it was dirt roads with no map.

Like most computer companies, we're now up to our armpits in the World Wide Web! We've heavily invested in computers, software, high-speed connections, education and the assorted, but essential, "stuff" that makes up an internet development infrastructure.

As our Web Portfolio illustrates, OJA/MMCC is the largest web site developer in Mid-Michigan. Every once in a while we even get back to do some work on our own sites.


MMCC is a technology company and our strengths lie in computers, software and systems design. The world wide web brings a new and dynamic process to the application of computers and to the marketing side of business.

Recognizing the special nature of the internet, MMCC worked hand in glove with our business partner OJ Advertising, Inc. to bring a full range of design skills and marketing talents to the internet business table. In the year 2000, as we saw the overlap between technology and marketing blur beyond recognition, we merged the two companies into one entity. MMCC is now the technology division of OJ Advertising, Inc. The combined company has grown significantly. To accomodate the growth we purchased a large building in downtown Bay City and moved to 509 Center Ave. in the Spring of 2002.

To provide a complete package of services, MMCC has established a collaborative partnership with a number of other companies. Along with those buisness partners we provide both Windows and Linux based web hosting, training, hardware services, networking, and technology solutions.


Some of our client web sites are relatively simple. Others are quite aggressive and advanced. Real Estate sites provide a good example of high level integration:

The Bay City and Saginaw real estate web sites are the result of a long-time investment in highly automated and computerized print publications.

MMCC's first association with OJ Advertising was in the early 1980. At that time we designed and developed custom software to manage real estate agency listings and to automate a large part of the production of the Saginaw and Bay City HOMES magazines, which OJA produces. Our system manages listings, photographs, advertising and all phases of publication.

Additional MMCC software is used at individual real estate agencies to automate advertising layout and copy preparation. As layout is completed, agencies feed computerized data back to the publisher's office. There everything is cross referenced, indexed, linked to pictures and fed into the print publication process.

In the late 1990's, the entire Real Estate Multi-Listing infrastructure was automated into a fully interactive web based system administrated by the Realtor Association of Bay County. Member Realtors© manage all of their listing data via secure internet connections. The resulting databases drive the public web sites, publications, market analysis and numerous other essential services. Data from the web server is distributed nationaly to a number of other services such as Realtor.Com and MicroSoft's Home Advisor.

MMCC/OJA's real estate services represent the leading edge in interactive internet services. One central site provides everything that the local Real Estate Agent needs... and it's accessible from any point on the globe via a simple web browser.


MMCC / OJA and our associates represent a full service team prepared to be your internet business partner. We bring experience, committment, talent and vision to the table to make your web site the effective business tool you need for the 21st century.

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