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Ever wonder just what's so hard about developing computer software? Part of the answer is as simple as the volume of complex computer code that programers must write, understand and remember!

Many people are surprized at just how BIG a commercial software program can really be. Take a look at this picture. Those are folders full of printouts of programs for just one application, MMCC's inventory management system.

MMCC has been developing computer software for many years. Our founder and chief designer started his career in 1969 and he founded MMCC in 1979.

Until just a few years ago we ALWAYS kept printed listings of every program. That was before the PC made it so easy and fast to see everything on the screen.

Not long ago we were cleaning one of our offices and the biggest pile of stuff was the old printouts of our inventory control software. No one had looked at the paper for almost five years. So we loaded it in the back of a van and took it to our warehouse. (Nobody was willing to toss it entirely.)

What got our attention was just how well that pile of paper illustrated how big a software package can be. Since "a picture is worth a thousand words" we took this one.

It's worth noting that this software package has grown by 50% since we last listed it. The system now has about 180 programs with an average length of 35,000 lines each. That's 6,300,000 lines of code, or about 114,545 printed pages. That pile of paper would be larger if we printed it now!

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